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What's on the agenda?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Meetings run on agendas so that they stay on track for their designated time frame and effectively address all the relevant information to which the meeting was created. A meeting without an agenda can be a waste of time…and if your days are like mine, there is no time to be wasting.

So, what does that say about life? If we run our life without an #agenda, we could possibly be wasting a lot of valuable time. Now I am no drill sergeant. I have learned to schedule out my days and my time but also to hold loosely to those plans and allow for life’s hiccups.

Let me share a little secret with you…I like to be in control, I thrive when things are in my order and under my control lol!! Chaos brings me nothing but stress and anxiety. Immediately when something in life goes out of order, I jump into cleaning and organizing mode. Why? Because it is what I can control in the moment. Once I have cleaned and organized my heart out, then I can get into addressing the real issue at hand with a de-cluttered mind. Having a daily #agenda helps my mind and life run in a clutter free zone (I don’t like clutter).

I have found that with having a daily #agenda, I have a better sense of getting a handle on my days. Waking up in the morning and not know what I am going to do with myself…or the kids sends me into overdrive. With the proper #agenda, I have found that I have a greater success rate (in all areas of life). Knowing what I am meant to be doing creates a sense of #purpose, #meaning, and #focus. It helps me to avoid procrastination, stay motivated (through the good, the bad, and the ugly times), and properly manage my time.

So, what are some things that should be on the agenda?

  • the time you plan on waking up

  • time for personal development (at least 15 minutes a day)

  • time for exercise (no time is too little; remember we are working on developing a routine)

  • time for checking your emails

  • quality time with family

  • time for tidying up

  • time for social media and/or television

  • time to set and/or assess your goals

  • time to rest (make time for a nap, time for mediation, or time to sit and do nothing)

  • special activities (play dates for kids, birthday parties, girl’s night etc)

  • the time you plan on hitting the hay

When you start planning for what needs to get done, you will see how much more productive you can be than if you were just to wake up and wing it. Now remember, hold loosely to your plans. There will be interruptions…your #agenda will have you addressing interruptions and getting back on course with your day.

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