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THE jump-start you need for
the long run of YOUR life!!

I'm Melissa Baile. I'm a proud working momma of 4 kids (5 if you count our dog Luna).

Family | Business | Motivation is pretty much my life...outside of my Target, Amazon Prime, and HomeGoods addiction. You may know me from my podcast, the "Hey Gurlfraaand!!" podcast [which hit worldwide status by the end of the first season...I know still wrapping my head around that. All I can say is people love RRR (Real Raw Relatable). Oh and hashtags, use proper hashtags!] But before podcasting, before founding the nonprofit women's empowerment organization Luv Me More, I consulted and coached- business and personal. This website is going to bring it all together with YOU in mind. Here I share my passions, offer tools, actionable tips, and motivation with the purpose of being the gurlfraaand that makes life better.

In my spare time, you may find me:
  • Reading books on personal development and spiritual development at the best local coffee shop (support local businesses).

  • Shopping at Target for stuff I need and all the stuff I don't need (who else does this?)

  • Building upon my skill-set so that I can offer the best of me.

  • Watching Grey's Anatomy (I can't believe this is going to be the last season or is it?!?!)

  • Hanging with my kids...teaching them life skills, building their character, and helping them discover their dreams.



"Melissa has not only been a blessing to my business but also a good friend. Her drive, ambition, and positivity is very contagious. Her professionalism has helped with my business growth and has helped it to get new exposure in so many ways. Melissa is a person you would always want around."

Jalissa Bard/ Queen J Paints/ Owner

"Melissa has helped my business find it's voice. I was all over the place when starting, but she helped me organize my thoughts, gave me resources, and tangible advice to turn my business into the success that it is becoming."

Shaonnah Hunt/ Battle Ready Women / Owner

"Melissa has helped me on a personal and business level. she encouraged me and gave me the tools on how to work on my personal development and proceed to becoming my own boss. Melissa guided me through the process of starting my cleaning business,

BGMA Cleaning Services LLC. I would recommend her to anyone as a personal and business consultant."

Brenda Gonzalez / BGMA Cleaning Services LLC / Owner


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